Zombie Felties

What’s the most adorable and disturbing thing you’ve seen recently? For me it has to be Zombie Felties. I really loved the first Felties book, so I was fairly sure that this one would be just as much fun. Felties are tiny little dolls made from craft felt. They are stitched with embroidery floss and thread, accented with beads and sequins and embroidery techniques and are just wonderful little projects for gift tie-ons, making into brooches and as small gifts. They are quick, affordable and a great portable craft or craft to do with kids just learning to hand sew. The Zombie Feltie book focuses on the creepy side of this craft. Just perfect for Halloween really, and the projects stitch up fast enough you could make a whole bunch little creepy cute brooches to wear through October. There are a bunch of just wonderful patterns, sewing instructions and tips on making felt easier to work with in small scale. The projects include, as you’d expect, a few regular zombies. Then the authors got creative. A diminutive zombie fairy holds a scepter topped with a skull, zombie vampires, a dead duck with little bullet holes and blood, a pumpkin head zombie has sequin brains coming out of a break in the pumpkin. It’s gruesome, it’s adorable. It’s one of the cutest and most clever takes I’ve seen on horror themes in crafting. 16 full sized patterns and instructions. Just perfect for your favorite little ghoul, as long your favorite ghoul is old enough. The finished projects do have small parts and some of them have jagged edges. You can get the book directly from the publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing or below from Amazon.com (the Amazon.com link is an affiliate link) Also, for printie loving crafters, the end of the book has a little coffin you can copy and make coffins to keep your little zombies in!

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