My E-Books

I’ve written a few e-books if you’re interested. Click on the images to buy the books.
This is a collection of several knotwork patterns for bracelets, earrings and barrettes, modestly priced at 3.00, you get a color pdf. The patterns are meant for brick stitch or peyote in Delica beads.

For 2.00 you can get this collection of bread recipes, along with instructions on how to bake bread without using a machine. I’m not very happy with how I edited this, but it does have 9 yeast bread recipes, 4 recipes for easy spreads including a fruit spread that’s very popular in place of jam in my family. Kindle format.

For 1.00 you can get 5 recipes my daughter loves. That’s 20ยข per recipe along with tips from her. Kindle format.

For 3.67 you can get instructions for brick stitch and patterns for a few pair of earrings made in brick stitch. Kindle format.

I believe in the future of digital publishing. Not just for fiction, but also for recipe collections, craft tips and other things. For that reason, I wrote a tutorial on formatting books for Kindle and Kindle apps. The tutorial is completely free and you can find it here.

You can also get some of my box templates and a wonderful collection of earring patterns in my Etsy store.

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