Mini Steel Bench Block by Beadsmith

This is a nice little bench block. Not very expensive, especially with the super saver shipping option.
There is a right side and a wrong side to this bench block. The wrong side of mine had a rough edge, but it was easy to see. The right side is very smoothly polished, there is no wobble to this on my desk, and the small size is a good size for smaller projects like adding texture to copper washers for necklaces or for hardening earring wires. It’s small size makes it easy to keep on my desk and just move it in front of me to use it as needed.
When you get this, it will be coated with a light coat of oil to keep the steel from rusting. A paper towel will remove that. Keep it dry, or if you are going to store it between projects, add a little oil to the surface to retard rust.
If you mostly work on small projects, or have space limitations, I can recommend this bench block with no reservations.

This is actually the bench block I use most.

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