Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Value Pen

I got one of these for my teens to use to make their grandfather a present. It takes a few minutes to warm up completely, and I think we will have to get a second one so they can either each use one or have a couple set up with tips since it needs to cool down before you can change tips. All Walnut Hollow tips like the Woodburning Special Technique Points II set work with these for a lot of versatility.
It’s easy to use, a bit like holding a very thick pencil, and when it’s heated up completely it does a very nice burn on soft woods. I’d recommend parental supervision for children from 7-10 and don’t recommend it at all for younger children unless they are very careful. It does get very hot. It comes with a wire stand to keep it in while you aren’t using it to keep the tip from burning anything.
I got some blank wood plaques for them to practice on before they did the boxes that will be the present. They learned what the tips would do on the back of the plaques and practiced on those, then flipped them over to make signs for their rooms. It’s a hobby they both enjoy very much. My son does geometric designs he lays out on paper then uses graphite paper to transfer the design, my daughter sketches directly on the wood with a pencil then goes over those lines.

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